The Concentration

Maritime Studies is an interdisciplinary, cross-divisional program that examines the literature, history, policy issues, and science of the ocean. Candidates for the concentration in Maritime Studies must complete a minumum of seven courses: the interdisciplinary introductory course (GEOS 104 Oceanography), four intermediate core courses (at Williams-Mystic), an elective, and the senior seminar.

Core Courses


Maritime History
Maritime Literature
Marine Policy
Marine Science

Students who have completed other study-away programs that emphasize marine studies should consult with the program chair about the possibility of completing the Maritime Studies concentration.

Honors Program in Maritime Studies

To achieve honors in Maritime Studies, students will be required to complete a thesis in their senior year to the satisfaction of their thesis advisor and the chair of the program. The project should invlove archive, museum, field, or laboratory research either in the summer or during January term, followed by on-campus analysis and writeup of results. This could be either a one-semester or a two-semester project.